Bereavement This committee helps a family to plan the Funeral Mass for a loved one. A member of the committee meets with the family and offers suggestions for the readings and intercessions that will be used during the funeral mass. They also attend the Mass as support for the family when possible.

Bereavement (Sympathy) Cards This committee helps the families who have had a loved one die and had the Funeral Mass at our parish, within the past year. They let the family know that their loved one is being prayed for and thought of within the Church community by sending out sympathy cards to the families throughout the year.

Calls to the Sick This group of people takes time to call those members of the parish who are ill. They speak to them to see how they are doing and to let the parishioner know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of others.

Cards to the Sick This committee sends out get well cards to parishioners who are ill to let them know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of the parishioners here at Our Lady of Hope.

Casserole Program This committee keeps track of casseroles and food that have been donated to the church for the needy families of the parish. When the Church receives a call for help, this committee makes sure the food is available and gets it to the families. If you would like to help, you can get the containers in the gathering space of the church, bring in your frozen casserole when you come to Mass and give it to any of the ushers for storage in the casserole freezer.

Grief Support This ministry works to provide help to those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. This program is an eight-week course, facilitated by two trained listeners and addresses the feelings and emotions that exist during the healing process. The weekly sessions are one and a half hours and follow guidelines from the book “Understanding Grief”. The basis of the sessions consists of group exercises that supplement weekly assigned chapters. Confidentiality is continually stressed as an integral element of the program. The interaction of the support group throughout the eight-week process results in a strong and common bond with each other. This is based on an understanding of each individual’s personal feelings and the changes they experience.

Prayer Line This is a system designed to gather many prayers for the special intentions of the people of our parish, their families, and friends, through telephone calls. As requests are received, a dedicated group of parishioners pray on a regular basis for these intentions.

Prayer Group Every Wednesday evening from 8 PM until 9 PM, a group of parishioners meet  to  share  prayer.  They gather in the Chapel of the Church.  All are welcome.


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